Immanual's Family words about Camila Children Cancer Centre

Punithan and Rebecca were stunned when their only son's persistent fever-like symptoms were  diagnosed as a  Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (a type of blood cancer). Rebecca has remembered about their mile stones that his younger son Immanuel's  Remission history.

Immanuel has born on 26th Dec 2006 in Madurai. After october 2008 the disease beginning with he got fever very often from his 2 years old. They went child specialist hospital and doctor told it's dengue fever and advised to get antibiotics and medicines whenever he was ill. But it was happening frequently. But there is no improvement in his health condition.

On this critical situation they went to their family doctor’s nursing home and they advice the parents took Immanuel for blood test. Doctor told that Immanuel got the symptoms of leukemia and refer to go to Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre.

On Dec 2009, with lot of confusion they visited Camila Children Cancer Centre, they took Immanuel for Bone Marrow Aspiration and Flow Cytometry examination. Finally, the result showed that Immanuel got Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. “The diagnosis was both shocking and scary,” says Immanuel’s parents and Rebecca told our hearts are broken when heard the word Leukemia.

It's a beautiful family which he has lovable parents, grand parents and a sister. His sister Evangelin is studying 3rd standard. Even though his parents are less educated they are very much interested in educating and make him very happy by providing colourful and educational toys and spending more time with him.

The total family members are shocked and very much worried about Immanuel’s Illness and financial assistance because he is very active boy and from a poor family background. His father is an auto driver and has to work for having daily bread.

Punithan said, in that time we met the pediatric oncology specialist Dr. Jayabose came from U.S.A. We proud that Immanuel is the first patient for him. He gave a confidence to us both psychologically and economically. Jebecca has seriously excited that he didn't get a single penny from them. Now Immanuel is in remission and visit hospital for regular treatment and celebrate his 4th birthday with thankful and happiness. He is get ready to go to school as soon as possible and now he is enjoying the happiness days with his family.

Punithan words "Immanuel's new life begins from Dr. Jayabose and Dr.Priya hands. Without them i couldn't see my child and both of them are God to our family. They financially supporting Immanuel treatment till to date through the fund . Like Immanuel so many children are getting treatment in this centre. So please put your hands together and save the child's life with CANCER"


Ms. Suganthi heart felt thanks to Camila Children's Cancer Fund (Anuja's Mother)

My child get cure from cancer, Is it possible? - with lot of confusion Anuja's mother Suganthi inquired the team members.   

Few months ago, Suganthi noticed that Anuja had swelling in her right eye and persistent fever. They are worried and approached nearby pediatrician & ophthalmologist. Both of them suggested to get consultation with the Oncologist.

They visited our hospital with lot of confusion and after performing a bone marrow biopsy the parents heard the shocking news that Anuja had leukemia in her marrow.

When heard Anuja’s diagnosis, they are worried about how to tackle the situation, because they migrated from karnataka for Anuja's life sake. With tears her father Muthukumar told " I worked as a coolie and earn as a daily basis, presently I didn't have any job".

In this hopeless situation, our team has provided moral support in psychologically and economically through our Camila children cancer fund and gave hope for her life. After completing of 5 cycles of chemotherapy, now her bone marrow is in remission and little girl who once seemed to be very sad and now she feel healthy and happiness.

Anuja is a high-spirited girl with a precocious interest in studying. Dr. Priya is the inspiration for Anuja so she wants to become a doctor and role model of the cancer children.